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Testimonal: From Sorenson Family  - Roxy From Our July 15th 2016 Litter & Maverick from our July 9th 2019 litter

When our 8 year old American Bulldog passed away this last April we new we had to have another American Bulldog. But finding one was not an easy task, until I came across  Villa Fournier American Bulldogs website. We searched all over the west coast for breeders and when I found Davette's website I knew this was the breeder we were going to choose. After speaking with her on the phone I instantly could tell how much she cares for not only her dogs but also all the puppies she produces.  She made the process very easy and once the puppies were born we got weekly updates, pictures and videos. Puppy pick up day just confirmed  my choice is choosing Villa Fournier was the right choice. Their farm has the best set up raising puppies and you can tell how much she and Stephen care for them. They spent a lot of time preparing for that day for all the families to take home their new puppies.  We were so happy with Villa Fournier that we are already on the 2018 wait list for a second puppy from them! Can't wait!


Sarah & Kyle Sorensen, sunny California

Testimonial: Titan from our March 27th 2013 litter  & "Cali" from our June 14th 2014 Litter

  My wife and I decided in January that it was time for us to look for an American Bulldog. It would be our first American Bulldog, so it required some research. Quickly falling in love with everything we read about the breed, we began our search for the breeder.  We were lucky enough to come across Villa Fournier American Bulldog Farm website.  We never expected that awaiting our puppy’s arrival would be such a great experience.  Davette updated us on Fiona’s health, along with weekly photos and videos once the puppies came.  The entire litter were a handsome and beautiful bunch.  We were lucky enough to take Titan home with us and even made the drive from Southern California to pick him up.  Prior to picking up Titan, we knew we wanted to purchase another puppy from Davette and her husband.  On puppy pick up day, we knew going with them for our second pup was definitely the right choice. Davette was very helpful answering questions throughout the process and even weeks after puppy pick up day. Davette’s knowledge and love for the breed truly made this a warm experience and we look forward to it again next year when we pick up our other pup.
Luis & Sarah Bernal - Los Angeles, CA.

What They Say....

Testimonal:  From Tyler & Holly - Link From Our March 28th 2013 - Joy From Our July 15th 2016 Litter

I can speak from first-hand experience Villa Fournier produces healthy, well rounded, and loving dogs. In 2013, I purchased my first American Bulldog from Villa Fournier. Awaiting Link's arrival was a wonderful and exciting experience. Davette provided weekly updates, pictures, and videos capturing the individual milestones of Link and his litter mates.  I can readily acknowledge Link received a secure and sound foundation from Villa Fournier. This foundation allowed for Link to become a confident, lovable, and gentle dog capable of succeeding in any environment. Link has since become a registered therapy dog working directly with at risk youth diagnosed with a mental illness.  After a wonderful first experience with Villa Fournier the time came to add a new member to the family. Joy entered into our lives this spring. Like Link, Joy received the best care possible. She is a wiggly, lovable, and energetic puppy who is keeping her big brother on the tips of his paws! I can imagine Joy will follow in the paw steps of her big brother and become a register therapy dog touching the lives of individuals in need. Link and Joy are remarkable dogs and a true testament to the caliber of dogs that Villa Fournier produces.  Davette and Stephen have a true passion and love for the breed. Both my dogs came home with an individualized folder containing an up-to-date health record highlighting the nutrition, foundation, and developmental stages they made while at Villa Fournier. Along with my puppies’ health records I received a transitional teddy bear containing the familiar smells of their mother and siblings to ease with the sometimes difficult transition away from the farm. Davette and Stephen’s attention to detail and thoughtfulness has touched my heart. I’ve observed on countless occasions the time, effort, and commitment it takes to raise these beautiful creatures. Thank you Villa Fournier for bringing these two magnificent creatures into my families lives!

Holly, Tyler, Link & Joy - Chico Ca.

Testimonial: Jessica & Ryan Toole Oct. 6th 2011 litter "Toole's Otis"


We are all doing good here in Georgia! Otis is getting so big, so fast!  He is just as cute as he can be. He is very active now and loves to play, but still has to have his nap time. We can't thank you enough for helping us find the perfect bulldog for us.  When we made up our minds that we wanted to get an American bulldog, we looked at what felt like hundreds of different sites.  Nothing close to home worked out for us and I am very glad we widened our search!  Never thought we would end up getting a dog from across the country, but the whole process was so easy and exciting. We loved your site and after talking with you on the phone that first time, we knew what we had to do! I always looked forward to your emails and pictures, and continue to enjoy hearing from you.  We will definitely be staying in touch!   


Thanks Again, - The Toole Family

Uvalda, Georgia

Villa Fournier American Bulldogs after 20 years has over a 100 testimonials we can share with you upon request, sorry we just can't fit them all on the website. But here's a few to get you started.

We love American Bulldogs.

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