All of our team at  "We Love American Bulldogs" feel blessed to care for the these wonderful creatures we brought into the world. We worked very hard to make sure the foundation of your puppy is stable, loving and strong. Now we hope with all the information my over 21 years experience with this breed, that we will share with you, that you will stay the course and make sure these pups are the best and true American Bulldog they can be.  All our pups will include a weekly update to you once you have made a deposit on a pup. All our pups are cared for in our homes not out in kennels and cages. They will be vaccinated to date , dewormed, treated for coccidia, microchipped, potty trained to age and include their pedigree certificates and pedigree lineage with pics. We are partners with 2 very important companies that help us in 2 very important ways, without them we know your puppy wouldn't have a chance to be the best it can be or get home to you if you don't live in our reign. 1 is Baxter and Bella is our online in home with you and your new puppies family training course where your puppy gets the training it deserves in the home and with the humans it lives with... not with someone else and in a place where it doesn't live. Remember the most important puppy/dog training is training the humans not the dog. Our 2nd and also very appreciated partner is 'Pups on the Fly' they do wonderful caring job to get these babies to all their families. We have had over 20 puppies fly with them and I have included so of the pics in the above gallery. The organizing and care from their over 40 flight nannies and  We Love American Bulldogs the pups and new family's experience a stress free delivery of their new family member. It is seamless the job they do. So don't worry if you don't live in our area but you really want one of our pups we will get them to you safely. Please feel free to call me anytime for a list of our upcoming litters that I haven't posted yet, but will soon.

Biggs & Dozer

Planned Breeding .

We will breed these 2 in 2 months 

We are excepting deposits now for  their pups 

  We fly our pups with a flight "Pups on the Fly" flight nanny service anywhere in the US

Biggs  pedigree registered  ABRA

Dozer pedigree registered  ABRA




Kismet & Obi-Happy

Planned for Winter 2022-2023

We have 3 spots left for deposit on this litter. Weare excepting deposits now for one of their pups 

  We fly our pups with a flight "Pups on the Fly" flight nanny service anywhere in the US

Kismet  pedigree registered  ABRA & NKC & ABA

Happy pedigree registered  ABRA



Happy Flag copy.png