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Princess Fiona
Our Stud Dog Hank
Madame Cricket
Otis litter 2012
Litter 2010
Luna litter 2015
Daddy Dog and his Pups
Brutus Litter 2010
A Man & His Bulldog
Moxie Litter 2016
Bruno & His Dad
Otis Litter 2012
Daddy Hank &  Puppy Brando Litter 20
Big Lou 2014 litter
Malibu Beach Bulldog
Litter 2012 Paris and her Baby Boy
Litter 2011
Cali from our 2012 litter
Titan & Cali 2012 & 2015 litters
Harley 2013 litter
El Gaupo 2016 litter
White AB's Can JUMP!
Johnny Rambo 2012 litter
July 2016 litter
Gautlier & Titan liiter 2010
2013 litter - Titan
Athena 2012 litter
Argos Run litter 2012
Diesel 2016 litter
Brando 2015 litter
Bella 2009 litter
Luna 2015 litter
Link and Mommy 2013 litter
Stella 2012 litter
Puppy Pick Day 2016
Floki July 2016
Dulley 2011 liter
Titan 2009 litter
Cricket and baby
Big Lou and his Family
Nov. 2009 Litter
Big Bulldog Smile
Malibu and 2009 litter
Johnny Rambo
Amber Eyes
Cricket with 2015 litter
Puppy Love
Rugie & Mommy
Puppy Time
Litter 2015
Girls Bestfriend
Guido 2011 litter
Dulley Litter 2013
Dottie Dot Dawg 2009 litter
Grandma Malibu and Grandpup Titan
Gaultier 9 months. old
Jewel & Kismet 3 months old
Moxie and Brando Litter 2015 & 2016
Litter 2014
Pearl Litter 2012
All About Living With An American Bulldog
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We Love American Bulldogs  Since 1997 

Our American  Bulldogs are 100% purebred ABA, ABRA & NKC registered bulldogs. They are Johnson Bloodlines. All our American Bulldogs are gentle family dogs we breed social family dogs, we don't breed for high prey.  You can train our dogs to be hunters but they are mainly family bred dogs.  Our bloodlines are healthy and strong. We socialize, we vaccinated, we deworm and potty train and microchip all our pups before we let them leave our program and into your home.


We love American Bulldogs

We Love Bulldog American Puppies

Living with an American Bulldogs

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